Last updated:
November 21, 2010


Somertons in Harrow were the suppliers of the school uniform certainly in the 50s and 60s.

Sopers was the big department store, now Debenhams. Some of us have very fond memories of being taken to the coffee shop for a special treat with Nickerbocker Glories, Devonshire Splits and Custard Tarts.

The beautiful old house and all the other school buildings on College Road were pulled down to make room for the St. Anns Shopping Centre.

St. Keverne used to be Heathfield's infant school and included Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten and Transition. There were sometimes a few boys who went to St. Keverne but they moved up to the 1st form. The beautiful old Victorian house was on Peterborough Road, and sometime around 1980 it was divided up into deluxe apartments. The complex is called now Heathfield.

The broad steps leading up to Harrow-On-The-Hill Station are still intact. There used to be a small garden nursery just beside the bus stops near these steps and vendors would sell flowers from baskets at the entrance to the station.


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