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  Members of Staff

Heathfield's Headmistresses

Unknown-1900 ... Miss Carrie Sage
1990-1921 ... ... ... Miss Edith Gayford
1921-1964 ... ... ... Miss Marian Norris
1964-1974 ... ... ... Miss J.H.S. Johnson
1974-1988 ... ... ... Mrs. Wyn Ribchester (school moved to Pinner in 1982)
1988-1996 ... ... ... Miss Jean Merritt
1997-2010 ... ... ... Miss Christine Juett
2010-2011 ... ... ... Mrs. Susan Whitfield
2011-2014 ... ... ... Mrs. Anne Stevens

The following is a list of teachers who have been remember by the above Old Girls. Sometimes these are just vague memories of the teachers and the subjects they taught, and of course the inevitable gaps. If you can fill in any of the blanks - that would be fantaaaaabulous (as Pamela Maltby always used to say)

Annie - in the kitchen
Miss Bacon
Miss Barnes
Miss Beaumont - Lower I or Upper I (?)
Miss Bedwell - Upper II
Miss Winifred Beverley
Miss Black - Domestic Science
Miss Boylan - Elocution
Miss Boobyer - Lower II
Miss Briggs
Miss Buchan - P.E. and games
Miss Burton - English
Miss Camplin - Upper Kindergarten at St. Keverne
Miss Chapman - Music
Miss Clare (became Mrs. Ridley) - P.E.
Miss Clegg - French
Miss Coates
Miss Crabtree - Music
Miss Croxton - School Secretary
Miss Dick - Elocution
Miss Doodian - St. Keverne
Mrs Drake - Art
Miss Edwards - Junior school
Miss Fairman - Handiwork in the Junior school
Miss Flack - Elocution
Miss Garnet
Miss Goudie - History
Miss Gray
Miss Gunn
Miss Guy - History
Miss Hamlyn - Geography
Miss Henderson - Art
Miss Horner - Music
Miss Jack - St Keverne (Kindergarten?)
Miss James - English
Miss Jarman - Geography (remembered as being very strict, but wonderful at drawing)
Miss Barbara Johnson - Needlework
If you click here, you will see a wonderful picture of her together with Mrs. Roguski enjoying an outdoor picnic.
Mme Justamon - French
Miss Kerley - Latin and Lower V
Miss King
Miss Lambert - Piano, Strings and Orchestra
Miss Lawrence - St. Keverne Kindergarten
Miss Marten - Kindergarten (?) at St. Keverne
Miss Mason - Lower II
Nellie who served lunches
Miss Norris
Miss Owen - Geography
Miss Ramsey - Scripture / Religious Education
Miss Riley - Geography or was it Biology (?)
Miss Roberts - Transition at St. Keverne
Miss Roberts - The Housekeeper and Cook
Mrs Roguski - Lower IV class teacher (?) Biology
If you click here, you will see a wonderful picture of her together with her daughter Krysia and Miss Johnson enjoying an outdoor picnic.
Mrs Olga Rye - English and Assistant Headmistress
Mr Oleman - Spanish
Mrs Perry - Geography & PE (she always wore a whistle around her neck)
Mrs Salmond
Mrs Shindler - Maths
Miss Starling - Upper Kindergarten at St. Keverne
Miss Steed - kitchen
Miss Stokes-Rees - Maths
Mrs. Sutherland - Art
Miss Talent
Miss Tucker - French
Miss Ven - Kindergarten at St. Keverne
Miss Voce - Art
Miss West - Music, Choir and piano
Miss Whitfield - Art (wore long skirts and nail varnish in an array of colors)
Miss Woodhouse - Upper I


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