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8th October 2016

Do you know any of the unnamed people? Regrettably some of the pictures are not very clear and enlarging them tends to distort them. Some of the names may be wrong or even missing. If you recognize a teacher, or yourself or another girl, please let me know.

Heathfield School Dramatic Society production of The Merchant of Venice - 1948


Some fun photographs from Mrs. Roguski's personal album

Canal Narrow Boat: Clockwise from top - Elizabeth (?) - Sheila Roguski (biology teacher) - Bee - Krysia Roguski and Barbara Johnson (needlework teacher)

Sheila Roguski at the chalkboard (Lower IV?)

1966: Was this a sixth form school play? Can anyone identify any of these pupils?
Mrs. Roguski is standing centre back.

Krysia Roguski (top right) with an unknown group of girls




Jenny Lawrance sent in this wonderful photograph of The Junior School bell that Miss Woodhouse used to ring to herd us all in from the playground.

Miss Woodhouse's Junior School Bell


Vivian Baker's photographs from Heathfield's Dramatic Society's 1949 production of The Tragedy of King Richard the Second performed at the Rudolph Steiner Hall in London.

Three of Vivian Baker's friends

Aileen Thomas, Irene Fisk and Mary Hutcheon


Brenda Winch and her friends at a party probably taken in 1946

From left to right:
Pamela Hewitt, Cynthia Algrain, Brenda Winch, Angela Grocott and Renate Hornung

1971 Class Reunion Photos sent in by Rosemary Hilton

Class of 1971 Group Photo 18th September 2011
Reunion held at the Tudor Lodge Hotel in Eastcote

Class of 1971 Collage put together by Janice - 18th September 2011
Reunion held at the Tudor Lodge Hotel in Eastcote

Miss Norris and staff photos sent in by Virginia Biddell added 3rd July 2011

Miss Norris

Who is this teacher?

Miss Ramsey

Miss Buchan
(thanks to Brenda Winch, who recognized her)

Virginia Biddell's class

Some of Virginia's friends. Can you name anyone?

Rowena Harris' first winter uniform
taken in 1965 (?)

and in her summer uniform

Rowena Harris' class photograph - L.V Alpha 1976-77
Top row: Claire Stevens, Gillian Chiltern, Jane Carter, Joanna Olins, Zia Gerrard, Alison Wright, Valerie Rixon and Jane Kendler
Middle row: Dina Warburg, Dianne Dardenne, Rowena Harris, Sarah Jordan, Jacqui Schauerman, Jayne Barratt, Theresa Abbott, Lorraine Sellers, Sumiko Wagai, Deborah Blundell
Sitting down: Penny Leggett, Anita Lewis, Audrey Dingley, Mrs Moss (form teacher), Pamela Hart, Laura Moss, Sian Evans, Jacqui O'Brien

Diane Henry

Peta Bingham, Susan Melzer, Claire Diamond,
Diane Henry and Susan Paris


Frances Ellis, Elizabeth Collier, ????????,
Jennifer Lockley, ??????? and ???????


Staff Versus 1st Netball Team in 1963 (?)

The girls were: Sheila Binks, Jill Plymen, Gwyneth Hughes, Judith Vaughan, Diane Henry, Jill Simmons, Sarah Broadbent and Pamela Maltby.


Some of the teachers were: Miss Barbara Johnson, Miss Croxton (school secretary), Miss Clare, Miss Coates, Miss James

Can anybody help with other names?


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