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  Heathfield School for Girls

New *** Richenda (Ricky) Hewlett was a pupil at Heathfield for only two years from 1956 to 1958 before she had to change schools. But she has some fond memories and photographs of her friends to share. Carol Hood attended Heathfield from 1954-1964 and also sent in some photos of friends taken in 1963/1964. Click on Old Girls and then scroll down to find Ricky's and Carol's details with links to their photographs. You may also see if you know anyone else on the list. The most recent entries are marked with ***


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Goodbye to Heathfield
We said goodbye to Heathfield after the summer term in 2014. Pinner High School opened its doors in the autumn of 2016. Find out more by clicking on the link Goodbye to Heathfield


I plan to keep this site alive in memory of a great school that served so many thousands of young women and successfully prepared them for their adventures into their adult lives. Email me - if you would like your name added to the growing list of Old Girls, and please including one or two of your memories relating to your days at Heathfield.

Thank you.

Deena (a.k.a.Diane) Henry


Continue to scroll down to see some panaoramic photos and a scant history of Heathfield. I also invite you to take a look at the publication that was written which has some wonderful information from the past, including reminiscences from members of staff and pupils. There's a picture of Mr. Canning's cottage too. Did you know that in 1961 (when I was in the Senior school) the fees were only £45 per term!

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Founded in 1900 with only thirty pupils, Heathfield School purchased an old house in College Road, Harrow the following year, and there it flourished and became a familiar landmark until the school relocated to Pinner in 1982.

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Throughout life, certain things happen which cause floods of memories to sweep over me and so many times I am reminded of someone, or groups of people from the past. In thinking about them I have often wondered whether they ever think about me. The answer must surely be yes.

My one regret is that I didn't work harder at keeping in touch. I live in America now, and one of the major events throughout an American's life are the school reunions - five years, ten years, twenty years, fifty years. Without exception, when someone I know has an upcoming reunion he or she will start to panic about what to wear, will they recognize people, are they too fat, do they look old, who has died. They talk about dreading the occasion and wishing they hadn't agreed to go along. But on return they are full of stories about who they met and bring back a renewed resolve to keep in touch - so easy today via email. I think it is a wonderful tradition.

HERE IS A PHOTO FROM 1946. ARE YOU IN THIS? (photo added October 2010)
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I heard from someone who was at Heathfield the year I was born and she sent me the above photograph. It is amazing how many of the teachers that I had a dozen years later in the Senior school were teaching at that time. Miss Norris seems to look just the same in 1946 as she did in 1964!

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I remember my first day in Kindergarten at St. Keverne in September 1950 and stubbornly refusing to give my name to Miss Roberts. Fourteen years later, I remember my very last day of school in July 1964 as we all scattered this way and that along College Road. We hugged and wept, and we yelled our goodbyes, and we scribbled phone numbers of the backs of our hands - vowing to keep in touch. We promised each other faithfully that we would all meet up at the foot of the broad steps at Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station ten years from that day. We never did; at least I never did, and I rather assume no-one kept that appointment.

Now, in the autumn of my life, I find my thoughts frequently drifting back to those school days, old school friends, Miss Norris, teachers we loved, and those we loved to hate, the familiarity of Harrow, the rumbling of the tube trains, the smell of the local popcorn factory, and I wonder what became of the girls I grew up with. I have often searched the internet for clues. Names keep popping into my head, events, places and, well...... memories.

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I have been disappointed to find very little information. Two or three names of girls who were older than I, who I vaguely remember and there are hardly any familiar names on the Friends Reunited site.

Althought I never knew any boy from Harrow County, I recently stumbled upon an amazing site during one of my searches. Heathfield girls were mentioned in the memoirs of several of the letters published on this incredible log of memoirs, which has pages and pages stuffed full of all sorts of priceless photographs and recollections. An extract from one of the letters: ...we used to "follow" the girls from Heathfield School. We never, ever spoke to them of course, nor they to us. We just walked behind them at a respectful distance...

I have been spurred on to endeavour to create something along the same lines but can only do so with a lot of help from Heathfield Old Girls.

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If you went to Heathfield, particularly while it was in College Road in Harrow, please write down some memories and share anything you may recall about the school and the girls you knew. Email me if you wish to include a few lines or a long essay, or anything in between . And if you have photographs, that would be very special too. I will post anything that I receive, providing it is above board and respectable.

So check back and hopefully you will find information about old friends and perhaps be transported back to times whether good or bad - those old school days nonetheless.

Deena (a.k.a Diane Henry)
El Sobrante, California
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