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21st September 2014

  Heathfield Digest

Over the past few years, I have received a number of email messages from Heathfield Old Girls. It is always exciting to hear from someone who used to go to Heathfield, and my own memories always come flooding back. I thought it would bring us all a bit closer together if I wrote a few lines from each of the messages I have received, and I will add bits and pieces to this Digest from time to time.

I have only used maiden names, because that is how we remember our school chums and classmates. If you read your name here but are uncomfortable with it being published on the web page, please let me know and I will remove it immediately. Conversely, if anyone wants to be included and especially if you have photographs, let me know. Also, if you see any errors (memories fail as we age!), or would like to rewrite your own paragraph, tell me, and I will make alterations. The email address is

Diane (Deena) Henry

See below for a link to some pages from the Heathfield School Centenary 1900-2000. Also take a look at the"Old Girls" page and "Photographs"

A History of Your School written by Miss Norris possibly in the 1940s

Heathfield History is an account in words and pictures and includes the move from College Road in Harrow to Beaulieu Drive in Pinner.

** Heathfield School Centenary 1900-2000 has an extract from a publication issued for the centenary. It is full of wonderful facts and memories.

Old Girls offering some news of people who used to go to Heathfield and who have contacted me through this web page.

Photographs includes some recently added pictures. Do take a look. You may see yourself in one of the pictures.

Members of Staff listing names and subjects which so far have been recalled by Old Girls.

In Memoriam is a tribute to the teachers who have died.


** School Magazine Covers. Only two to see at the moment, but perhaps you have some old school magazines in your attic for inclusion?

Trivia has some snippets of information about Harrow and Heathfield.

Miss Norris' Farewell - Press cuttings following Miss Norris' retirement after 54 years at Heathfield


Lord Birkett's Address at Heathfield's Speech Day in 1962

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