Lord Birkett's Address

Someone recently asked me whether I was at Heathfield when the Right Honourable Lord Birkett, P.C. was the guest speaker at our Speech Day, on 31st January 1962. I don't suppose I would ever have recalled that day if the question had never been posed. It was held in Wembley Town Hall and Lord Birkett delivered a wonderful speech, which just so happened to be the first one recorded on the school's new tape machine.

Lord Birkett presented certificates and prizes and I recall that he was genuinely interested in each girl's achievements and remarked on every book which he handed over. I had passed a piano exam through the Royal Schools of Music and had to go up to receive my certificate.

After the speeches, many people went back to Heathfield where Lord Birkett opened the new Marian Norris Library, followed by tea..Lord Birkett died only ten days after this special day.

Digging through my childhood memory trunk, I came across a copy of the transcript of Lord Birkett's Address (pdf format.)


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